what was I doing all this time?

So I think is time for me to write and actually think about what I was doing in the past months
like right now I’m in the USA to visit my dad for the first time!
it’s a really exiting thing but it was really strange the first time well.. I didn’t see him for like 22 years!

I’ve been reading a lot! that’s something I always enjoy too much ( I seriously need to buy the kindle for this
christmas!) some of the books I’ve been reading are the Black dagger brotherhood books, some acting books
right now  I’m reading a fantastic vegan book

I saw a lot of movies some I don’t even remember… one that I really loved and keeps coming to my mind is
inception great great great movie!

I’ve been at my dance classes a lot and not being with my dance teachers right now makes me really sad…well…
I’ll see them in january …. maybe!

what I’m doing right now is trying to enjoy thing trip as much as I can
Usa is really beautiful


New Week!

ok….yeah it’s monday how are you feeling about it?  I really hope everyone will have a great week!!!

and how  was your weekend? I finally started to go out a lot again I was always at home but I found some friends again (old ones new ones yeah but  the old ones are good ) and I started to meet them a lot  do I have to say that there’s a guy I like between them? well yeah there is one

truth is I can really like a guy but I don’t won’t a relationship so I’m sticking with being single lol XD but I can date right? yeah well who knows?

this week I’m going to see Genesis ( yeah If I found someone that comes with me ) and Alice in wonderland  (yayyyyyyyy) (yayyyyy) (yayyy)

sunday I saw the Orphan  WOAH! that move is sick I’m gonna post a review soon

kisses Desy have all a great week!

I Finally saw AVATAR!

BTW I didn’t talk about Avatar!!! I finally saw it! and I really liked it

well I liked all the colors the world and all those things it’s really good

I didn’t like some actors but that’s ok it’s not a movie that you watch if you want to see some intense acting

but I really enjoyed it and the 2 hours and 40 didn’t feel so long at all! that’s a good thing too

I don’t think that one day all the movies will be in 3D because it really makes your eyes work a lot!