Animal Equality Demonstration Photos

After a day the emotions of the Animal Equality demonstration are still here… I can still see the little animals that looked so peaceful and yet they were all dead. In case you don’t know how the Animal Equality demonstration … Continue reading


Today I had a really emotional day…

I spent all the day in Rome at a demonstration of ANIMAL EQUALITY an amazing organization that fights to end all kind of animal abuse.

I cried  a lot and many people that were there cried too it was so inspiring seeing all of us united for the same motivation, the right for ALL kind of animals to have a full and healthy life.

I’m still really shocked by all the emotions… but I will post the pics tomorrow!

My new puppy : a french bulldog an amazing dog breed!

So as I said I got a little puppy!

Her name is Leeloo like the character of the fifth element.

She is a French bulldog a really particular breed that me and my boyfriend have fallen in love with.

She is really cute but with a big personality like all French bulldogs

I have a lot of experience with dogs and puppies but I never had one so stubborn!

Maybe that’s what I love in her she is a lot like me I guess.

So here are some pics of her if you want some information about the breed feel free to ask!