Cookie and Muffin recipes coming soon!!!

Attention  People! I will post two amazing recipes of some cookies and muffins that I made today
of course they are 100% vegan and so so yummy!
I’m new in the baking  world and I love the fact that my recipes seem to come out really well
All the people that have eaten them so far, love them and want the recipe so I decided to post them here hoping that you will enjoy  them too and try them even if you aren’t vegan ( A muffin or cookie that is actually healthier is better for everyone!Right?)

So make sure to come back to check out the recipes!!!



Song in my head…for the summertime!

Since summer is coming I want to share with you a song always  gets stuck in my head when there’s a beautiful sunshine outside, I don’t know why but it just reminds me of summer probably because last summer I … Continue reading

My new puppy : a french bulldog an amazing dog breed!

So as I said I got a little puppy!

Her name is Leeloo like the character of the fifth element.

She is a French bulldog a really particular breed that me and my boyfriend have fallen in love with.

She is really cute but with a big personality like all French bulldogs

I have a lot of experience with dogs and puppies but I never had one so stubborn!

Maybe that’s what I love in her she is a lot like me I guess.

So here are some pics of her if you want some information about the breed feel free to ask!

New New song In my head

I’ve been away a lot I know
but here I am again and of course with new music I really can’t stop listening!

It really gets me exited when I found new music that I love and just thinking of all the music I still haven’t heard … just makes me want to listen even more music!

this one is form Snow Patrol – set the fire in the third bar
this song is done with the singermartha wainwright

and it’s just great…the music..the lyrics…everything of it makes you want to hear it more and more and actually that’s what I’m doing over and over and over!

just check it out! maybe you’ll love it as much as I do !!


New Song in my Head!

I’ve been away a lot really stressed from work and other stuff
but music is always there!
and now my new obsession is a song from Imogen Heap
The moment I Said It
I don’t know why I like so much sad songs but This song is really amazing!
if you don’t know this song maybe it’s time to hear it!

love Desy

New song in my head!

ok I have a new song in my head that I keep hearing it’s beautiful sad yeah it’s sad but beautiful seriously! I’ve heard it watching a video of so you think you can dance with a beautiful choreography and got a little obsessed with the song from there lol

so the song is: it doesn’t hurt – katie thompson

let me know what you think about it!!

here are the lyrics of the song

I know your good
I know your right
I know you mean the best
everytime you stop by
dont know what to say
or know how to act
cause i'm still moved by you
cause you just have to ask

No it doesn't hurt
unless I walk
I dont feel pain
unless I try to talk
I dont even cry
unless I open my eyes
I don't need to kick or scream or curse
No, it doesn't hurt

You dont have to call
to make sure I'm up
cause i'm still wide awake
cause i'm still lost in shock
I know your concerned
I know your just sick
and I know you'd feel better
if I were over it

No it doesn't hurt
unless I walk
I dont feel pain
unless I try to talk
I dont even cry
unless I open my eyes
I don't need to kick or scream or curse
No, it doesn't hurt

I am wind
i am the sand
i am scared
i am a woman
and i'm  fine
cause i deserve
the time to feel hurt

I know your good
i know your afraid
and I know its favoritive
would you just let me me
so what will you say
what you've haven't said
the question you asked me just
makes me feel better you left 

No, it doesn't hurt
unless I moveIdon't feel anything
unless I think of you
I don't even cry
unless I open my eyes
I don't need to kick, or scream

no it doesn't hurt
unless i walk
i dont' feel anything
unless i try to talk
i don't even cry
unless i open my eyes
i don't need kick or scream or curse
noo,ooo, oo 

it doesn't.....

Book : How To Disappear Completely

Just finished to read a book from an iPhone app (stanza ebook reader) and wanted to talk about it!
The book is called How To Disappear Completely (HTDC) By David Bowick and I really like it!
In the book we meet Josh a guy who is about to propose to her longtime girlfriend and when he does everything in his life will change
Well normally I read more about fantasy horror books but this book is so addictive!! Seriously I couldn’t stop reading!
It’s so easy funny and a really true book about relationships and everyday life because sometimes stupid things happen lol
Sometimes while reading it I felt like I was Josh wich is funny but I could really understand what he felt!
You really should check it out!!
The autor is on Twitter too! @davidbowick