Music I can’t live without!

I was thinking about the songs I can’t live without those songs you could listen forever
Well I have a lot of them I’m always searching more music more bands and I love it when I find something really beautiful
I then think about the fact that as much as we search and hear music there’ll always be some great music that we still don’t know…well this sucks !!! Lol
I know you’re thinking I’m crazy
Btw some really good music I can’t live without is from blue foundation if you’ve seen twilight you know one of they’re song (eyes on fire) I strongly suggest you to actually hear all of their songs what I mostly like of them their songs are loong like the shorter is about 4 minutes or more
Their music makes me daydream I love watch you sleeping or sweep
Another artist is Sia omg her voice is so sweet and gentle breathe me is one of my favorites from her but moon is really good too
Fine frenzy? Amazing and I kind of can’t resist a woman with red hair I don’t know I think they’re so pretty they ipnotize me ( don’t get me wrong I love guys but when I see a beautiful woman I admit she is beautiful)
Hana pestle is my favorite favorite artist She is the best her voice her lyrics everything Is awesome you really have to hear her song need or this way she’s a really sweet person too
Paramore? I can’t resist that little girl lol love the lyrics the music everything is perfect
There are a lot more that I love
I’ll talk about all of them and their songs really soon so if you love music and wanna find new music or just good song or share your music check out the new post in the next days
I would love if you’ll tell me wich are your favorite artists

Kisses Desy


A New Blogger joined WordPress!!

a new blogger joined wordpress my amazing friend
( that I actually consider like a Big Sister) Judy

I’m sure you’ll all check out her blog too she is really lovely and she’s writing an amazing book some of the chapters of it can be found on her blog

so you can see it before she becomes a famous writer!!!!

Love you Judy!!!

New year resolution list (how are yours going?)

Maybe you remember that I did a new year resolution list of the things I want to achieve well for now I have to say that it’s mostly going good I found a job(yay)
I’m on diet and lost about 13-15 pounds (yay yay yay) in one month and hope to lose even more this month
What else? I’m not thinking about the people who hurt me last year so much actually I’m not really thing at them at all
And my life is getting a little better
my dance lessons with my new hip hop teachers (btw they did a video with Missy Elliot and timbaland that came out last month!) are going ok I already know that we have a show in June and I feel so happy that I will be in it too wow!!!
My friend Judy with her daughter Minah (I love so much that name) will arrive next month I think and I’m really counting the days when she’ll be here I won’t let her go lol!!
I really love her she’s an amazing friend I would be totally lost without her now SERIOUSLY!!!!

What I still didn’t do from my list is blogging more (sorry work,busy,tired)
But I’ll let come out like 5 post today so I guess that’s a good thing!!
And I’m not finishing one of my stories I started even some new ones but I will finish or post here one I promise you can kick my ass if I don’t ok??
Mmm maybe that’s not a good idea lol

kisses Desy

sorry I’m having some fun with photfunia lol

Reviews coming soon

New reviews coming really soon!!!!
I’ll do some reviews of some apps that I’m using on my iPhone these days
I’m really obsessed with one in particular lol
You’ll find out really soon
And I’ll put finally some reviews about some movies I saw one of wich is about a house and a couple and a camera?? And something ghostly??
Yeah I’m sure you already guessed what movie right?
Well hope you’ll check out my reviews


I think I didn’t write about the fact that I have a job now?? No I didn’t!! Sorry!
But yeah after a year or so of searching a job I finally got one as secretary and I’m really liking it!
It’s a busy job sometime but I really like my boss and the people I work with (wich is a good thing isn’t it?) in Italy it’s really difficult to find a job right now so I feel a little blessed I just wish my stepdad was still here to see me finally work lol I hope wherever he is… He is proud of me !
Now I can put money together for LA!!!!

Yes to carrots!!!

I’ve been in sephora the other day after reading a review of this product line from a fantastic makeup blog so I wanted to try this product my skin is really bitchy seems always like every product isn’t good for it and I hope this works for now my skin feels really good and I’m using it for like 3 days? Hope it will work I love already the product consistency and the smell
I’m using the yes to tomatoes line anybody ever used one of this products? Hope you loved them
As much as me

Kisses Desy

P.s I really really really love comments lol

Great contest! Check it out!

Check out this contest it’s from a fantastic blog about makeup Amy Dillon is amazing and she gives away an eyeshadow from rimmel

Check out all her blog as well it’s really great she gives a lot of tips
She’s on Twitter too and makes tutorial videos on YouTube

Kiss Desy