Song In My Head!

this song is one I really love… actually I really love the group they are so so great you should really
check them out!

this song is funny really enjoyable and so is the video which is a little old style perfect for the song!



Pics from the USA

since I’m finally in the USA to visit my dad for the first time in all my life
I should really put some pics!

on the flight a really really long flight!

St louis

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what was I doing all this time?

So I think is time for me to write and actually think about what I was doing in the past months
like right now I’m in the USA to visit my dad for the first time!
it’s a really exiting thing but it was really strange the first time well.. I didn’t see him for like 22 years!

I’ve been reading a lot! that’s something I always enjoy too much ( I seriously need to buy the kindle for this
christmas!) some of the books I’ve been reading are the Black dagger brotherhood books, some acting books
right now  I’m reading a fantastic vegan book

I saw a lot of movies some I don’t even remember… one that I really loved and keeps coming to my mind is
inception great great great movie!

I’ve been at my dance classes a lot and not being with my dance teachers right now makes me really sad…well…
I’ll see them in january …. maybe!

what I’m doing right now is trying to enjoy thing trip as much as I can
Usa is really beautiful

another Song in my head

I personally think this song is really sad but beautiful… as always I love Sia’s voice so much and I think all
her songs are great! like breath me  or  moon or sunday
unfortunately there’s no original music video of this song so I had to put this one
just check it out

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New Song in my head

Here I am back after a looong loong time….

yeah…. sometime I come back… lol
a lot of things are different right now… I’ll talk about them

but right now lets talk about the song!!
it’s a beautiful song  and it’s not new sorry but I found it out just now…
I really love the lyrics of this song…