videogames controlled with you mind? AWESOME!

I think I already said  something about how much I love videogames right? especially Skyrim or GTA, hey but I’m open for new options!
Anyway I found out about this type of “headphones” which work using your brain waves and I think that’s amazing!

By using this on a videogame or a computer you practically don’t need a joystick anymore!
This is totally amazing unfortunately it doesn’t work on everything (YET) but I can already see myself using it with the XBOX 360.
How about you? Would you love to use something like that to play without you hands?

I love how the field of video games becomes more and more interesting and futuristic.
In case you want to know more about it here are the links to  Emotiv Systems NeuroSky they build these amazing things!


Why I love Instagram

I know a lot of people don’t like it and maybe I can even understand why, but I would like to tell you the reasons that make me love it… a lot!

Personally something I really enjoy doing is meeting,even just online, new people that share my same interests, instagram makes this really easy, just like twitter or google+ (the two social networks I love)

I’m sorry to say this but I don’t feel like facebook helps you meet many friends that like the same stuff you do.

Everybody that has a cellphone or a cam love to make pics, and why? because we are making a pic of something we really like in that moment, something that we want to share with our friends.

I have met a lot of nice people on instagram that share my interests and it can be something about vegan food or on my french bulldog or even a new show I am watching, I love to know when somebody likes the same things and want to share their opinion.


Now after this I have to admit that there are a lot of things I don’t like on instagram, I think the one I really can’t stand is seeing in every post someone saying  “I follow back!” “Shout outs on the first ten people!”.

If you use it you know what I mean, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t do it, I just feel like it’s annoying.


How do you feel about instagram?


Reviews coming soon

New reviews coming really soon!!!!
I’ll do some reviews of some apps that I’m using on my iPhone these days
I’m really obsessed with one in particular lol
You’ll find out really soon
And I’ll put finally some reviews about some movies I saw one of wich is about a house and a couple and a camera?? And something ghostly??
Yeah I’m sure you already guessed what movie right?
Well hope you’ll check out my reviews

Book : How To Disappear Completely

Just finished to read a book from an iPhone app (stanza ebook reader) and wanted to talk about it!
The book is called How To Disappear Completely (HTDC) By David Bowick and I really like it!
In the book we meet Josh a guy who is about to propose to her longtime girlfriend and when he does everything in his life will change
Well normally I read more about fantasy horror books but this book is so addictive!! Seriously I couldn’t stop reading!
It’s so easy funny and a really true book about relationships and everyday life because sometimes stupid things happen lol
Sometimes while reading it I felt like I was Josh wich is funny but I could really understand what he felt!
You really should check it out!!
The autor is on Twitter too! @davidbowick