New Week!

ok….yeah it’s monday how are you feeling about it?  I really hope everyone will have a great week!!!

and how  was your weekend? I finally started to go out a lot again I was always at home but I found some friends again (old ones new ones yeah but  the old ones are good ) and I started to meet them a lot  do I have to say that there’s a guy I like between them? well yeah there is one

truth is I can really like a guy but I don’t won’t a relationship so I’m sticking with being single lol XD but I can date right? yeah well who knows?

this week I’m going to see Genesis ( yeah If I found someone that comes with me ) and Alice in wonderland  (yayyyyyyyy) (yayyyyy) (yayyy)

sunday I saw the Orphan  WOAH! that move is sick I’m gonna post a review soon

kisses Desy have all a great week!


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