Check out this Video!!!

check this out! the dancers in it are from italy two of them are my new hip hop teachers and they are really amazing!!!


Feeling Happy

I’m pretty happy today I started  to dance again hip hop a thing that I really love to do

I have two new teachers wich are really good and i love the way they teach you the new steps

I stopped dancing with the teacher I had before because of some problems I danced with him for like 6 years and I thought there was a good friendship wich there really wasn’t because the moment I told him that I couldn’t dance for a while (my stepdad died this august and I really couldn’t dance) he and the crew I was dancing too in stopped calling me or asking me to go out wich is not really friendly I mean as a friend trying to distract someone who is really sad would be one of the first things to do I guess he was more interested in the money I gave him not in the friendship , well my mistake

So I’m really happy to dance again with these other teachers they are lovely (don’t insult you or scream at you while teaching like my other teacher always did)

it’s good to feel this way sometimes since this summer it isn’t happening many times…