Animal Equality Demonstration Photos

After a day the emotions of the Animal Equality demonstration are still here… I can still see the little animals that looked so peaceful and yet they were all dead.

In case you don’t know how the Animal Equality demonstration works it can be quite shocking but isn’t  any kind of animal abuse shocking? Yes it is.
I am a sensible person that’s sure and of course I was moved about it (yeah of course I cried I’m a really sensible person deal with it)
but I felt a sensation of peace too.

I felt like those animals were there to help others see what happens and how it can all be stopped, and even more there was a big feeling of community all the vegan people there were sharing the same emotion, we were all crying or being really sad.
We were all a big family feeling sorry for our animal friends that are killed everyday. It was really touching I still can’t find all the right words and express my feelings… I just know that I feel better with myself since I am vegan and I’m sure everyone could feel better about themselves if they would at least try to be vegan to, we live in a world and in a century that gives us all we need to be vegan without committing any kind of cruelty on animals.

Anyway it’s time that I show you the pictures of the event, I actually was really successful  in italy with a lot of articles on famous newspapers (and around the world too!).
As much as it can be painful I think it’s an experience we all need to face one day it can really change people.

Please check out the Animal Equality to get more information and to get involved or just informed!


4 thoughts on “Animal Equality Demonstration Photos

  1. I just came across your post and was stunned by the photos. Definitely affecting. I just checked out the animal equality website and watched the videos posted, but they were not in English. I just wanted to know more about the demonstration and where the animals came from? Also, there is a really great local animal rescue near me in Southern California, called The Gentle Barn. It might be something that would interest you.

    • Hi Karen!
      Yes just watching again these images made me sad again!
      There are some videos in english on their website but you have to search a little (there are a lot of videos!)
      This organization was created in Spain but is now international !
      I know the Gentle Barn (I saw some videos) and there is another great organization called Farm Sanctuary they are amazing too!!
      Sadly I don’t live in the USA so I can just watch their videos but they look amazing!
      Come back the next days I’ll post some videos of the farm sanctuary
      The animals that they use come from their investigations and rescues, the farm industry always trows out those animals that can’t be used, they take them to show the world what happens But you can find more information on their webpage

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