New year resolution list (how are yours going?)

Maybe you remember that I did a new year resolution list of the things I want to achieve well for now I have to say that it’s mostly going good I found a job(yay)
I’m on diet and lost about 13-15 pounds (yay yay yay) in one month and hope to lose even more this month
What else? I’m not thinking about the people who hurt me last year so much actually I’m not really thing at them at all
And my life is getting a little better
my dance lessons with my new hip hop teachers (btw they did a video with Missy Elliot and timbaland that came out last month!) are going ok I already know that we have a show in June and I feel so happy that I will be in it too wow!!!
My friend Judy with her daughter Minah (I love so much that name) will arrive next month I think and I’m really counting the days when she’ll be here I won’t let her go lol!!
I really love her she’s an amazing friend I would be totally lost without her now SERIOUSLY!!!!

What I still didn’t do from my list is blogging more (sorry work,busy,tired)
But I’ll let come out like 5 post today so I guess that’s a good thing!!
And I’m not finishing one of my stories I started even some new ones but I will finish or post here one I promise you can kick my ass if I don’t ok??
Mmm maybe that’s not a good idea lol

kisses Desy

sorry I’m having some fun with photfunia lol


New Year Resolutions

Ok it’s 2010 another year has gone and a lot of things have happened in my life

and I have some New year resolutions!!!( is it too late to post them?lol)

  • create a blog  (well I’ve already done it!! thats a good start!!)
  • finish one of the stories I’m writing (yeah…laazy)
  • read even more books (well that’s easy !! lol my mom will freak out)
  • lose some pounds (I started a diet a few days ago!)
  • get a kindle  (so I can read even more haha)
  • stop thinking about the people who hurt me last year
  • write a lot on this Blog
  • visit London
  • watch a lot of movies
  • finish that acting book that I love
  • start to sell something on Ebay or my mom is gonna kill me lol
  • sleep better!!

So do you have some new year resolutions? wich are yours?Let me know!

about resolutions wich do you think I’ll actuality achieve?? and wich definitely no?

I’m curious!!