Movie: Sherlock Holmes

So…I finally  saw Sherlock Holmes and I can’t belive how much I’m impressed from it!
Everything was perfect!I loved the music (Hans Zimmer ‘comon!!)

All the little details the special effects and the actors! The locations! I couldn’t stop thinking about it I was saying all the time in my head “wow this movie is fantastic!!”

Acting:  Robert John Downey Jr.   ( Sherlock) was amazing funny,real,perfect…all the actors were really great you could see that they were really living the characters they made them alive

Director: Guy Richie is really good I like the way he does movies ! I could really feel taken back in that time and city

Music: the music wasn’t invading it didn’t make loose the concentration on what was happening, still, you could feel how beautiful it was

Locations: Wow! the city, the houses, the palaces great great great!!! i found out that it was filmed in London Manchester and Liverpool

another thing that I really liked were the special effects it weren’t too much  but still they really fit in the movie

At the end it was clear that they’re going to make  a sequel
Like always after a good movie I get all euphoric and then depressed because as a future actress deeply in love with acting I love good movies and I just wish I could be there while they were filming them!
I’m not saying that I would have a big role I would be ok with just being there and watch
I’m a little off topic? Yeah I know sorry!!
Lol so what I want to say to everyone out there that doesn’t know if they should see it or not?
Right now because the movie is great Guy Richie made a fantastic job !!