A New Blogger joined WordPress!!

a new blogger joined wordpress my amazing friend
( that I actually consider like a Big Sister) Judy


I’m sure you’ll all check out her blog too she is really lovely and she’s writing an amazing book some of the chapters of it can be found on her blog

so you can see it before she becomes a famous writer!!!!

Love you Judy!!!


Book : How To Disappear Completely

Just finished to read a book from an iPhone app (stanza ebook reader) and wanted to talk about it!
The book is called How To Disappear Completely (HTDC) By David Bowick and I really like it!
In the book we meet Josh a guy who is about to propose to her longtime girlfriend and when he does everything in his life will change
Well normally I read more about fantasy horror books but this book is so addictive!! Seriously I couldn’t stop reading!
It’s so easy funny and a really true book about relationships and everyday life because sometimes stupid things happen lol
Sometimes while reading it I felt like I was Josh wich is funny but I could really understand what he felt!
You really should check it out!!
The autor is on Twitter too! @davidbowick