Relaxing Sunday Crochet

Started doing crochet which I do like more then knitting…I don’t know it seems faster?

Well this is me and my frenchie having a relaxing sunday


Animal Equality Demonstration Photos

After a day the emotions of the Animal Equality demonstration are still here… I can still see the little animals that looked so peaceful and yet they were all dead. In case you don’t know how the Animal Equality demonstration … Continue reading

Music a big passion!

One of my big passions is music, it makes me crazy to think about all the good music that I still don’t know and maybe never will!

This is where I could use your help and you could use mine!

Since I really love music, all kind of music (or almost) I would be happy if you send me your personal music to listen or the music of a group you really like so that I can review it and make a post about it.

Another this I will do Is a post called  “song in my head” almost everyday a song gets stuck in my head and I will write a post about it, When I find a new group or artist I will post some random songs of it so you too can listen to some new music that maybe you will enjoy!

Some of my friends always tell me how much they love some songs I find randomly on the internet or that I am really good at finding the right song for the right state of mind

Anyway feel free to comment about some new music!



Why I love Instagram

I know a lot of people don’t like it and maybe I can even understand why, but I would like to tell you the reasons that make me love it… a lot!

Personally something I really enjoy doing is meeting,even just online, new people that share my same interests, instagram makes this really easy, just like twitter or google+ (the two social networks I love)

I’m sorry to say this but I don’t feel like facebook helps you meet many friends that like the same stuff you do.

Everybody that has a cellphone or a cam love to make pics, and why? because we are making a pic of something we really like in that moment, something that we want to share with our friends.

I have met a lot of nice people on instagram that share my interests and it can be something about vegan food or on my french bulldog or even a new show I am watching, I love to know when somebody likes the same things and want to share their opinion.


Now after this I have to admit that there are a lot of things I don’t like on instagram, I think the one I really can’t stand is seeing in every post someone saying  “I follow back!” “Shout outs on the first ten people!”.

If you use it you know what I mean, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t do it, I just feel like it’s annoying.


How do you feel about instagram?