New Changes in my life!

I know it’s been a while but  I always have a lot on my mind and I kind of forget about my blog  ( shame on me I know)

But here I am again! My life is full of new changes right now and I’m really happy about it.
this month I will become 25 and I guess I’m finally starting to understand myself…well at least sometimes!

So I started some new projects in my life…
Right now for example I’m knitting which I never liked before My Grandma knits a lot but I never understood how she does it…But I had this project in my mind this beautiful circular sharp and I said to myself…” you know what? just try!” and I did!

Well long story short I’m loving it! I never knitted before but I’m starting to understand it better everyday I just wish I was faster!

Another big change in my life that I didn’t see coming is this: I started to bake well and cook stuff that isn’t just to put in the microwave and wait 10 minutes…And even more surprisingly I’m actually pretty good at it!

And since we’re talking about cooking I became Vegan finally  I’m totally vegan not just for a few months and I’m loving it, I love to find the products the recipes…the places it’s amazing!

Even Better my boyfriend is now vegan too which just makes my heart melt with happiness and love!

Anyway I want to star putting some reviews on my blog about the vegan stuff that I find which can be pretty awesome and of course put some recipes too sometimes!

Well I hope whoever comes to visit my blog will enjoy it!




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