Going Back to school isn’t always easy

Another big part of my life right now is studying I finally decided to get a diploma even if I frequented some years in an italian school (all the school I did so far was italian) I decided to try the american high school by an online college called Ashworth College , I’m really liking it so far and I love trying to improve my life.
I understand now how important is getting a diploma and a degree and I am happy with myself, it’s easy to just leave it.

I love studying online and I find that it’s easier for me to understand a lot of things that I didn’t before, I have to blame the italian school too, italian schools and teachers aren’t that good and everyone know it.

Well there are a lot of things that don’t work in Italy but I am sure you all know that too!

Anyway it’s difficult to remember myself to study, yet it’s a great challenge !
So it’s definitely time to study so I hope you all take care!

OH…and if you are thinking about going back to school or getting a degree or something check out the school it’s really great!



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