Back Again…Finally!

Ok I know… A lot of time has passed since I last was on Blogger (shame on me)

But I’m finally back and with a lot of news!

My life has changed in so many ways…and yet sometimes I feel like nothing really  changed…Do you ever get this feeling?

Still I hope a lot of things are still gonna change…of course for the best would be great!


Last time I blogged I was 23 now I am 24 ugh I’m getting old

Finally I have found my real love and it’s true when they say “true love is different,it’s better”

I had really bad luck with love until now so this makes me really really happy!

We even got a little puppy!

A french bulldog she’s sweet….When she sleeps!

Just kidding! She is lovely but with a big PERSONALITY.

I’ll make a post with her pics soon so everyone can see how cute she is.

Another big thing in my life is Skyrim… hey I always said I was a Nerd I just love videogames!

Anyway I’ll be back with a few posts tomorrow hope someone will check them out!!


Have a nice day everyone!




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